For many of us, it is important that we can keep our cherished friends with us forever. Private Cremation affords us that ability. We understand that each pet is unique and that your needs for them are equally personal. Our new cremation service packages each allow the personal treatment that you deserve:

This is our original and most popular option. Our service includes complimentary pickup and transport from your veterinarian to our facility where your pet will receive a Partitioned Cremation and your choice of our Oak, Cedar, Mahogany finish or Cat Silhouette Urn. Each urn will be custom engraved with your pet’s name. You may also request a short sentiment or dates to be placed on either urn as well. Sealed and protected within our velvet bags, each embroidered with a quote from the “Rainbow Bridge”. You will also receive a grief package including a Cremation Certificate, a copy of the “Rainbow Bridge”, a “Rosemary is for Remembrance” scented candle and complimentary sympathy literature. A Custom Photo Engraved Nameplate is complimentary upon request, and is available for the cedar, oak, mahogany, and cat urns as well.
EcoThis  option is for those who simply wish for their pet to be Cremated with dignity and do not need an urn. Perhaps you intend to scatter the ashes or have your own container. The service includes the pickup from your clinic, Partitioned Cremation of your pet, and the return of the pet to your veterinarian in a simple biodegradable container. You will also receive a Certificate of Cremation.

Private vs Partitioned Cremation
Partitioned Cremation is an environmentally friendly procedure that has been practiced for many years throughout the pet cremation industry. Cremation chambers are designed with large floors and have ample space for more than one pet. By placing the pets in the crematorium divided by firebrick partitions, we are able to cremate more than one pet at a time and still return only your pet’s ashes. This method reduces the amount of fuel and the emission of “greenhouse” gases. You receive your pets’s ashes at reduced cost and help the environment at the same time.

Private Cremation means that only your pet is in the crematory. It is the individual cremation of just your pet. (Effective July 2019, we no longer offer Private Cremation as an option)

Photo EngravingTo Send a Photo Engraving Request or to Ask a Question about our Photo Engraving, Click Here

Communal CremationsFor pet owners who seek a low-cost, yet dignified means of disposing of their pet’s body we offer communal cremation services. Complimentary pick up from your veterinarian is included. These pets are cremated in groups of several at a time and these combined ashes are placed in a mass grave in our Garden of Remembrance.