Customer Reviews

This family owned and operated business REALLY cares about its clients, their animals, and the animal rescue community. Toothacres runs a VERY tight ship, making sure the kennels are well maintained and cleaned multiple times daily. There is relatively zero employee turnover rate, so you will see the same faces over and over each time you go. Added bonus: The employees show a lot of compassion for the boarded animals as well as the grounds and go way above and beyond. Many boarders discriminate against certain breeds, but not this one. The experienced and professional staff knows exactly how to handle every type of dog, keeping your companions safe, secure, and well-cared for. All of this AND Toothacres is affordable. It is no wonder why so many customers I’ve met there have said they’ve been going there for years…and keep returning. Many thanks to TA for all they do!

This was our first time using Toothacres and I highly recommend them! From making the reservation to pick up, everyone was great! Even when I called to check on my girl and make changes to her accommodation they were nice and had no problem with it. Mary there is really nice and they took good care of Hope, a sweet pit bull no one else would take due to breed. Thank you to all the staff for making me feel comfortable leaving my baby for a few days.

My whole family has been using Toothacres for over 20 years! We board our dogs and cats there for only one reason: Toothacres is the BEST! When we moved much farther away 6 years ago, we tried a few very reputable and recommended kennels, but none of them even came close to the quality care at Toothacres. The facility is always clean, always well staffed, and our animals who we love as our children, are always treated with great care. We will never change. After our pets leave this world, we still trust Toothacres to take care of them and have never been disappointed.
Thank you for years of wonderful care

The facility always appears clean. Staff at the desk and in the kennels are both friendly and helpful. Our dog comes home exhausted after each stay and typically sleeps it off for a day or two. I would recommend this facility to friends and family based on every one of my experiences there. Thanks

We are long time guests at Toothacres, from our original Cocker Spaniel BABE, to our current Beagle BUDDY. I must say we feel very comfortable leaving our most precious pets with you. We know they are in good hands and that you will take good care of them. With Texas weather never being predictable, it’s nice to know that you know when to keep the animals in the AC or Heat, and when to let them in the outdoor runs. The Check In/Check Out process works good, especially with the new computer system. I like the new email confirmations as well.Keep up the good work and we will continue leaving Buddy at Toothacres and continue recommending others to you. Thanks

As always, I am happy with the care of my 2 dogs: Manny & Sammy. Sammy is old and not very friendly so I worry about him most. However, based on my visit during drop off & pick up, Sammy seems to be happy. I am always impressed with the quick check in and check out and appreciate Toothacres. Thank you

Although the suites are always clean and my husband and I are satisfied, the real test is our dogs. This last time they stayed they jumped out of the car and headed straight to the kennels with tails wagging. Katie stopped to greet the other dogs in the suites and both never hesitated to go into their suite. Allie went right for the outside door. Both dogs were comfortable and relaxed immediately. That tells me Toothacres is doing a great job. We already have plans for the their next stay in December. Thanks

We have used Toothacres for years and have been very satisfied. Our pets have always come home healthy and happy. We have recommended Toothacres to a lot of people. The living conditions and surroundings at Toothacres are excellent – very clean and well kept. The staff is very good too.

We are very glad that Toothacres is here for us and we will use it as long as it exists! Thank you

Let me first say that Toothacres is awesome!! We have been boarding our dogs here for quite some time now, and I would never take them anywhere else. I am sure there are many places that are closer to us and our vet has even tried to have us board with them, but we will continue to make the drive and board our dogs (and now a kitten) at Toothacres.

The staff is kind, thoughtful, and always professional. Every time I have ever called or come in they are always upbeat and friendly. The facility is always clean and looks to be managed very efficiently. I’m not quite sure how you do it, but I’m glad you do!

Our pets are truly an extension of our family and you seem to know that by the care you give them while we are away. I can’t thank you enough for all the years of great service that you have given to our family and our pets.

We look forward to many more years to come.

Regards- Sitka, Sakota, Syress and Skylar

We have been using Toothachres for many years now. I love that my pets are remembered each time we arrive, and we are typically given a short report of how their stay went when we leave. Our year old border collie rescue, Witt, loves his stays and always seems nice and worn out when he comes home. We will continue to use Toothachres and will recommend your facility to our friends. Thank you for taking such good care of our pets