Customer Comments

You cremated my dog Axel this week and I wanted to say Thank you for making this heart breaking decision so much easier for me to deal with.This dog was very loved till the moment he died and I would have had so much of a heart breaking time if he had not been taken the way he was and returned to me so quickly and with so much diginity.
Bryan and Kelly,Thank you so much for your kindness and help with my Marigold.  You and your staff make a difficult time a little easier, and I’m so grateful for the wonderful services you provide.  Thank you again for your kindness and friendship.Jonnie
Dear Henry, Kelly: All the members of the Toothacres Staff-Thank you very much for treating our beloved Jake with such care and dignity.He came to stay with you as a puppy and enjoyed all of his visits throughout the years. Thank you for taking such good care of him during his life nd at the end of his life. Your sincere sympathy and proffessionalism will never be forgoten. Your help was invaluable during this most difficult time. Again, words cannot express our thanks enough.
Dear Bryan,I just want you to know just how much I appreciate what you did for me. Thanks so much for taking good care of my “big guy”, my dear, sweet, sweet Clancey and returning him home to me so quickly. His box is beautiful, simple, and just so perfect!Again – Thank you so much!!
I prayed so hard for this to be a positive and joyful experience that I would rejoice one day!Thank you for all that you have done for us!God Bless you.
Letter 2
Dear Henry,You have a big heart just like Stoney. Thanks for looking out for us and for Stoney during this difficult time.You are the best!
letter 3
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us on the sad day we lost Lacy by personally picking her up at the vet. Lacy was fond of you and we think she knows from dog heaven that you took care of her.Thank you for everything, including cremation.
Letter 4
Thank you so much for the beautiful box and the poem is everything I believe from the core of my soul. It is so comforting. I can’t thank you enough!Wishing you and your staff the very best!
Letter 5
There are no words to express my gratitude for the service you provided during a very difficult time.I have three senior cats. When their time comes, I will call on you again.
Letter 6
Thank you so much for taking such good care of my Winston. He was a precious boy to me for 14 years. Because of you, he is now back with me forever.
Letter 7

To: Toothacres Pet Cemetery Service

We wanted to express our sincere gratitude for the care you took to insure that we were satisfied with your services.  Our little Pomeranian “Foxy” was the sunshine of our lives and we miss her terribly.  The care and concern that your staff took during this grieving time meant a lot to us.

We love the little mahogany box.  There were many other pet cemeteries that did not have such a nice selection of urns for such a reasonable price.  We especially love the brass name plate that was put on the box, with the ability to put our pets photo on the box along with the name, birth/death date and inscription.  It is a precious keepsake that will be long cherished.

We wanted to also thank you for making the paw prints for us.  We have framed them and will have them to remember our little girl forever, thanks to your making the effort to do this for us.

We will be sending our veterinarian a similar testimonial since we had such a satisfying experience with you. May God Bless.


Letter 8
We Recieved the ashes of out “Freddy” last week. I’m not sure what we were expecting… but your presentation of our beloved dog was stunning! The “Rainbow Bridge” bag; the wooden container (with lock and keys); the poem…and the final touch, the “Rose”. We were VERY MOVED. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and what we percieved was a genuine regard for our feelings.Thank you ever so much – he was a most beloved pet and you honored him so beautifully!
Letter 9
Thank you for your professionalism during Tiffany’s funeral. I was unprepared for her passing and unknowledgeable about her aftercare options. I appreciate you answering my pages of questions and taking the time to meet with me. I know i made the right decision in selecting your cemetery to be Tiffany’s final resting place, Although, using your services will never be a joyous experience, at least i can ake comfort in knowing that my pets and family will be treated with respect and compassion.
I would lke to tell you. How you done a wonderful job. With our little boy Tod. We have him at home with us just like he was still here with us.
Little Boy
Thank you for taking care of the most cherished individual in my life, my precious Tiffany. I was very apprehensive about viewing her but thanks to you she looked remakably well. I really appreciate the care you took when you covered her site. I didn’t want her funeral and burial to be diminished in service or quality simply because she is a pet and you understood that.
Tiffany 2
Henry,Thank you for your kindness to us as we lost our sweet puppies Muffin and Molly. They loved coming to Toothacres.
Muffin and Molly
Henry,Thank you so much for taking the pictures & e-mailing them to me & for keeping me informed. I appreciate it alot. I still miss Ashley alot & plan to get another Pom in the spring.