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Metal Urns
Our selection of Metal urns include classic designs that have been popular for years and beautiful new pieces that have just recently come available
Porcelain Cat Urns
Our line of porcelain cat urns is a favorite of cat lovers. Each urn is available in black or white and comes in several popular poses.
Stone Urns
Each of our stone urns is unique. Made of natural materials, each urn has its own look and character. Colorations in a given style can vary widely so feel free to visit our office to choose your favorite.
Wooden Urns
Most urns made for pets are made of wood, each being a little different. Under this category you will find many different types of urns, all made of wood, but each with its own distinct style.
Premium Cremation Package Selection
This is a sample of our urns available with our Premium Cremation Service. These urns are also available individually.