Frequently Asked Questions


Why don’t you offer group play?
Because having dogs that are unfamiliar with each other often poses a hazard as they may not get along and may fight with one another. Even under close supervision, it only takes one second to start something that could become very dangerous. We do not want to run that risk with any pet parent’s dogs. Clients (Old and New) who have tried group play at other facilities agree wholeheartedly with our philosophy.

Will someone interact with my dog?
We have a full time care staff who spend the entire day making sure all of our guests have clean rooms, are fed and have plenty of clean water, and getting their prescribed medications (if needed). They get to see your pets and often take time to talk to them and ensure that they are happy! Individual playtimes can also be arranged. Any change in behavior, eating habits, or sickness or injury is reported immediately to the front office.

Do you take the dogs on walks?
We do not do what is considered a “standard walk”. We do offer “Fun Runs” which are a 30 minute playtime in one of our spacious speedway areas. Your pet can run and play and splash in a kiddie pool all in a spacious, secured fenced-in area while competing with the dog next door for who is having the best time. An outdoor staff member is always present while your pet is playing. Daily playtimes are included in our Executive Plus and every other day in our Penthouse Suites.

Why don’t you have grass in the outside of the dog runs?
Grass can harbor insects, is very difficult to sanitize, and would be very difficult to mow or trim.

What are the requirements to board my pets together?
First of all, they have to get along with each other and they must also live in the same household. They must be able to be fed together and not fight over food. They must be fully vaccinated, which is the case also for any pet that boards at Toothacres. If one gets medication and you are worried that the other one may steal it from them, please consider boarding them side-by-side instead of together.

What is the feeding schedule?
We can feed your pet either once or twice a day per your feeding instructions. You are welcome to bring food or use our food. We provide Iams Mini-Chunks and Bil-Jac dry and refrigerated products at no additional charge. Keep in mind we use a “true” 8oz. dry measuring cup, so you can adjust the amount of food required to keep them healthy during their stay.

If my pet is scheduled for a bath, what time should I plan on picking up?
The baths are all completed by the time the office opens in the morning for your convenience.

What is the check-in and check-out procedure?
Excitement and anticipation is always running high at arrival for both pets and their owners. We have a small front office so for everyone’s safety we ask that you please leave your pets in the car or we can have someone hold your pet outside on a leash for you.

The front office staff will have a few brief questions (food, medication, treats), print off a kennel card and you will be on your way. A Toothacres staff member will escort you and your pet to your designated run. Once in the building, you will put your pet in their kennel (remove any choke collars or bandanas) and you can leave all your pets personal items above the run. Check-out is also very brief. While we run your charges for your pets stay we will be happy to answer any questions about your pets vacation. Once again a Toothacres staff member will escort you to pick up your pet. Remember to collect any belongings you brought from home to make their stay more comfortable.

How do you handle aggressive dogs?
We don’t… you do! If you know your pet is aggressive, we ask that you handle them as they go to and from their runs. Also, we ask that you let us know their state of aggression (towards people and or other dogs) so that we can take extra caution while feeding and cleaning them. Our indoor/outdoor runs are designed with doors that we control. If needed, we can put your dog on either side, briefly close the door and clean and feed in the utmost safety for both staff and pet. This is not to say we can board a truly dangerous pet, but our policy has always been to judge the dog, not the breed.

Who is here on holidays when the office is closed?
Our full-time care staff is here to take care of your pets even though the front office is closed. The Clem family, who owns Toothacres, lives on site and are able to deal with weather and other emergencies as needed.

What if I need someone else to pick up my pets?
If you provide us with the names of other people you approve to pick up your pets, we will note those names on your contract and then ask those people for ID when they pick-up you pet(s). We are very strict about this policy so please make sure that you have this handled before you leave town.

Do you offer any “after hours” pick-up or drop-offs?
Yes, but we cannot guarantee that a office staff member will able to meet you at your requested without making arrangements as soon as possible. There is a surcharge of $95.00 for any off-hours appointment as the staff member meeting you will be coming in on their own time. This fee is paid directly to the staff member and is in addition to your boarding bill.