Penthouse Suites

3.24.08 - 3.31.08 094Penthouse Suites¬†are colorful, deluxe accommodations with center aisle carpet and plenty of room to roam, (a total of 220 square feet) for your pets comfort and enjoyment. They have two 5×6 living/sleeping quarters on the inside. Each side is equipped with wall to wall Dri-Deck flooring. The sleeping quarters also include a raised bed and color TV. All runs are equipped with central air for warm summer days, and heated for cold winter nights. In addition all runs are provided 24 hour background stereo music for your pet’s enjoyment throughout their stay. There is also the option of Web-cam viewing for an additional fee. The other room is for dining and playing. The shaded 10×16 outdoor portion of the run allows our guests plenty of room to romp and play or relax and sunbathe on our large “Sun-decks”. In addition to these unique features our guests are given a 30 minute playtime every two days with a complimentary economy bath prior to departure if you stay more than two nights. This suite is an exceptional opportunity for up to 3 same-family dogs to enjoy their vacation in comfort and style.

Without Webcam
1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs
$59.00 $83.00 $98.00
With Webcam
1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs
$65.00 $89.00 $104.00
Price Effective April 1st, 2019